A New Thrive for Wellness Year and Opportunities for a Happier Healthier You

November 1, 2020, kicked off the new Thrive wellness year that runs through October 31, 2021!  All Thrive activities, challenges, resources, etc. are for ALL Vincentian employees.

For those who utilize Vincentian insurance, through Thrive you can earn not only a reduced insurance deductible but also a reduction in your insurance premium per paycheck for 2022 for your THRIVE participation in 2021!  All you need to do is complete the wellness activities outlined in the Thrive Program Guide.

Spouses are now able to fully participate in Thrive, and if they are covered on insurance and complete their requirements, the employee can earn an additional reduction in their insurance premium per paycheck.  Don’t miss this great opportunity offered by Vincentian!

We are happy to announce many new activities available to employees such as recorded lunch and learns available to view on Survey Monkey and via live webinars, A1C screening, Diabetic Retina Exam, and much more!  There is also a new app from UPMC (replacing Odyssey) called RxWell. Download it now in the Apple Store or Google Play.  Through the app you can complete any of the UPMC Lifestyle programs (worth 100 points each), get health coach support, receive a personalized plan, set goals, or sign up for the 10-minute a day calming break to relieve stress.

For more information on what is new with Thrive this year, click below to view the 2020-2021 Thrive Program Guide.  Also, a step-by-step instruction guide to Thrive and the wellness portal through UPMC is available in the Vincentian Resource Center.  Click the icon on the desktop of any Vincentian computer and go to the Thrive folder.

Explore THRIVE Program

Weight Watchers (WW) Workshops News

Workshops are a cornerstone of success for so many WW members. Virtual Workshops have been a critical addition to WW in-person Studio Workshops, and WW strives to continuously deliver more value for these members through program enhancements, new features and functionality.

That’s why, on December 9, WW relaunched their Workshop + Digital (Studio) membership as “Unlimited Workshops + Digital”.  This exciting change provides members additional flexibility and convenience in joining a Virtual Workshop.  Members will now be able to access hundreds of Virtual Workshops – available 16 hours a day/7 day a week.  WW is excited to deliver even more supportive accountability to members whenever they need it, from anywhere – and at no additional cost.

Plus, to make it simple for new and current members to navigate all Workshop offerings – both in-person and virtual – WW released an enhanced Workshop Finder with new search functionality. This will allow Vincentian employees to easily find specific Coaches or Workshops to join together.

Remember your WW membership cost is only $9/month for digital only and $20/month for virtual workshop + digital due to Vincentian’s partnership with WW.  To join WW and sign up for virtual workshops, click on the link WW.com/wellness and enter Access ID: 14627518.