During the week of December 28, 2020, employees and residents at Vincentian Home and Vincentian Marian Manor campuses received the first dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. All told, more than 330 staff members and more than 220 residents opted to receive the vaccine.

The Vincentian de Marillac campus will receive the first dose of the vaccine this Saturday, January 9. We expect to receive dates for Vincentian Schenley Gardens and our independent living campuses very soon.

If for any reason you did not receive the vaccine when your campus offered the first dose, you still have one more chance to be vaccinated. You can opt to receive the first dose of the vaccine on your campus’s second clinic date, which for Vincentian Home and Vincentian Marian Manor is scheduled for the week of January 18 and for Vincentian de Marillac will be the week of January 25.

If you wish to sign up for your first dose of the vaccine on the second clinic date, please reach out to your administrator or to Josy Dusabe, Director of Clinical Excellence, at jdusabe@vcs.org.


Here’s what some of our coworkers are saying about the vaccine:

“At first, I was skeptical about possibly getting the vaccine, but with the guidance of our DON and my supervisor, I decided to receive it. I do feel that I did the right thing in getting the COVID vaccine. I had no symptoms that day, except a little soreness in my arm. I’m ready for step number two!”
– Nikki D’Angelo, Vincentian Marian Manor


“On December 28, I volunteered to be one of the first employees to receive the Pfizer vaccine. The day after I received the shot, the only problem I experienced was a sore upper arm. Many of my coworkers and even the residents told me that they didn’t even have that! I would absolutely encourage everyone to get the vaccine.  I have such a feeling of relief.”
– Cathy Shea, Vincentian Home


“When I heard that the COVID-19 vaccine was available, I did not hesitate to be one of the first to receive it. For me, getting the vaccine was the ‘right thing’ to do to protect my fellow healthcare workers, our residents and my family.”
– Louanne Plank, Vincentian


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