Here are three ways to help you get a great start to 2021:

  • Register for the 12-week Weight Race, which begins Monday, January 25.
  • Get a free Biometric Screening.
  • Complete the Thrive requirements to reduce your 2022 deductible.


Monday, January 25, the UPMC Weight Race Begins!

Have you registered yet?

The Weight Race starts January 25, but the deadline for registration is February 1. Everyone who completes the race will receive a prize and earn 50 points toward the Vincentian health insurance incentives.

Participate as an individual or create/join a team. Prizes will be awarded for the highest percentage of weight loss toward your goal. Gift cards will be given to the first, second and third place individuals and the first, second and third place teams.

To get the most out of the Weight Race, enter your weight each week using your computer or the UPMC Health Plan mobile app. To complete the race, you must record your starting and ending weights at a minimum. Your weight will be kept confidential.

Register Today
Click on this link:
Login, Click Next Step, and follow the instructions.


Know Your Numbers.

Get a Free Biometric Screening.

1. Vincentian offers free Biometric Screenings for employees and spouses who are covered under Vincentian’s health insurance in three ways:

    • Visit a Quest location at a time and location convenient to you between January 1, and October 29, 2021. You must follow the instructions below to register for your screening, so it is free through Vincentian.
    • Go to this link:
    • Enter the Registration Key:Vincentian2021 and click “Register Now”
    • Click “Accept & Continue”
    • Enter your UPMC Member ID, date of birth, and relation
    • Create Your Account by creating a username and password
    • Enter your information indicated and Click Save
    • Click “Schedule a Screening” under the “Wellness Screening, At a Patient Service Center”
    • Select a Quest location convenient for you to have your screening
    • Choose the date and time for your screening, Click Continue
    • Click Confirm

2. Order a Home Kit. Your at-home kit will be sent to the address you provide. Detailed instructions for collecting your sample (this is a dried blood sample with a finger prick) and returning it will be provided in the home kit. You must return your material to Quest no later than October 29, 2021. Here is how to order your in-home kit:

    • Click on this link:
    • Under Create Account, enter the Registration Key: Vincentian2021 and click Register Now.
    • Read the terms and conditions and if you agree, click Accept & Continue.
    • Enter your UPMC Member ID and date of birth and click Continue
    • Continue to follow the instructions creating your username and password, etc. (Unless it indicates you already have an account, then just enter your username and password to login.  If you forgot your username or password, there are options for retrieving it on this screen.)
    • When you get to the screen with the Wellness Screening section, under At-Home Test, click Order Materials.
    • Review and Confirm your home address where the kit will be sent and click Confirm.

If you need assistance requesting your biometric screening home kit, please call UPMC Member Services at

3. Attend an onsite biometric screening July 14 at Vincentian de Marillac, July 15 at Vincentian Marian Manor, July 16 at Vincentian Home, or July 21 at Schenley Gardens. Watch for more information posted in the facilities or via email.


Don’t Wait. Complete the Thrive Requirements To Reduce Your 2022 Deductible

By completing the requirements of Thrive in 2021, employees enrolled in Vincentian’s health insurance will receive a reduced annual deductible in 2022, along with a per paycheck discount in their premium payment in 2022.

  • Employees and covered spouses must complete:
    • MyHealth questionnaire
    • Biometric screening
    • Annual physical exam with primary care physician (Preventive Care Visits are covered at 100% on your insurance.)
  • Employees must also earn an additional 250 points by completing any combination of the activities listed in the Thrive Program Guide in the Resource Center. Track your progress online through the UPMC wellness portal.

Spouses covered on Vincentian’s health insurance must also complete the Thrive requirements in 2021 to receive the reduced deductible in 2022 and an additional per paycheck discount on their premium in 2022.