Vincentian is committed to following all laws and regulations related to security and privacy. When working from home, it is important to follow these guidelines to ensure our information and systems are protected.


  • Connect to a secure Wi-Fi network. If you work with sensitive Vincentian information or personal health information (PHI) it is important to have an encrypted home Wi-Fi network that is protected with a strong password.
    • Never conduct Vincentian business using a public or “guest” Wi-Fi network.
    • If your home network does not have a password, contact your internet provider (Verizon, Comcast, etc.) for instructions to set one up.
  • Always encrypt emails that contain sensitive information. The Encrypt button can be found under the Options tab at the top of the email.
  • Maintain a private workspace at home. Be sure that no protected or confidential information can be seen/read or heard from your work area. Consider moving any work documents to a locked cabinet or box when you are not working.
  • Always lock your computer before walking away. Press Ctrl-Alt-Delete and hit the Enter key.
  • Use a headset. Headsets more privacy during virtual meetings and conference calls, especially if others are at home.
  • Keep work and personal devices separate. Your personal devices are not equipped with the same security measures and protections as Vincentian devices. Using personal laptops, tablets, and phones for Vincentian business can create unnecessary security risks that could have a significant impact on our organization. Only use Vincentian devices for Vincentian work.
  • Learn good teleconferencing etiquette. When you connect to a teleconference, your private space becomes a stage. To maintain a professional image while working from home and engaging with colleagues via technology, keep the following in mind:
    • Be aware of your surroundings. Make sure your home workplace is tidy and presentable.
    • Don’t eat or drink during the teleconference.
    • Introduce yourself.
    • Eliminate background noises.
    • Mute your device until you are speaking.
    • Pay attention. Focus on the call. Stay attentive to the speaker and don’t do other work during the call.
    • Be prepared if you are called upon as a speaker.
    • Be respectful of others and their time.


  • Do not use personal or non-corporate resources for exchanging Vincentian documents and information. Using your personal Google drive account or other personal resources can pose a security risk. Only use Vincentian-approved methods for information transfers and exchanges.
  • Do not take home, transfer or travel with any sensitive information. This includes printed material that contains PHI, Vincentian business details or other proprietary information.
  • Do not use your Vincentian computer or device for personal activity.
  • Never leave work devices or information in a vehicle. Always make sure your devices and any hard-copy information is in a secure area inside your home if unattended.

Thank you for being vigilant and responsible when working remotely.