This past year has tested us personally, professionally, and as an organization.  And somehow, we have been gifted the grace and strength to face these challenges with the compassion and dedication of service that is Vincentian’s hallmark. We have pulled together as many campuses, hands, and hearts, acting as one synchronic force of shared purpose:  serving our residents when they needed us most.

Last year, on St. Vincent’s Feast Day, September 27, we launched Vincentian Together, a movement to further connect our organization through one shared purpose. Then, in November, we asked for honest feedback in our first Vincentian Together survey. Employees from each site and all departments responded to this call for feedback, demonstrating that our people are clearly invested in Vincentian and understand that each and every one of us holds an essential role in identifying opportunities for ongoing improvements. And taking action.

Below is a summary of what we learned.


Highlights of the Vincentian Together Survey Results

75% would recommend Vincentian’s services to a friend, family member or colleague.

69% feel connected to Vincentian’s mission in their daily work.

66% would recommend working at Vincentian to a friend or colleague.

64% say working at Vincentian helps them achieve a good work/life balance.


Purposeful Responsiveness: What’s Happening Now

Five key areas of opportunity for improvement across our Vincentian system were identified in the Vincentian Together survey. Here’s what’s happening now in response to this feedback:

Improving Internal Communications
(from corporate and among leaders, departments, administrators, and managers)

  • Launched The Spark employee eNews in December to engage and inform employees.
  • Developed a print version of The Spark, which is distributed in high-traffic areas for employees.
  • Deploying an intranet and a rapid notifications system for employee-specific communications for FY21.
  • Planning to deploy new digital signage at each site with employee-specific information slated in FY21.

Supporting Career Growth through Professional Learning and Development

  • Established the Vincentian Learning and Engagement Institute to serve as the hub for all Vincentian onboarding and ongoing professional development. It will open at St. Louise Convent this quarter.
  • Hired a Director of Learning Experience & Engagement in December 2020 to establish and oversee all Vincentian educational offerings.

Investing in Supervisors, Managers, and Staff

  • Management and leadership training will be a core curriculum of the Vincentian Learning and Engagement Institute.
  • Employee Experience Working Group is using the survey results to inform improvement projects.
  • Updating processes to be more efficient and give supervisors more time to lead their staff.
  • Comprehensive compensatory packages are being developed to showcase the full investment into each staff member.
  • Continue to foster rising leaders in our organization through the Vincentian Rise program.

Enhancing Collaboration and Inclusion

  • Include multiple levels of stakeholders in large projects, including renovation and experience working groups.
  • Create digital formats for sharing across the organization via new employee intranet set to launch in FY21.
  • Working to increase executive presence at facilities.

Reinvigorating Meaningful Work, Mission

  • Use communications to share more resident, family, and employee stories.
  • Initiative underway to explore all the ways employees find meaning and value.
  • Planned revamping of employee recognition program, service awards, and mission in action days.
  • Establishing an ongoing dialog with employees to provide a feedback loop for all areas of the organization to collaborate for positive change.

Click here to view an in-depth presentation on the survey results.

As a Vincentian employee, you’re always there for those you serve. And your Vincentian Together community is here for you. Have an idea to improve the employee experience at Vincentian? There are a variety of ways you can get involved. Reach out to your Administrator/Director or e-mail us at to learn more.