You can lower your out-of-pocket medical expenses in 2022 if you complete the Thrive Wellness requirements before October 31. Don’t put it off. Take advantage of the Thrive benefits today to help you manage and improve your health for the long term.

If you’re enrolled in Vincentian’s UPMC Health Plan, you will receive a reduced annual deductible in 2022 and a per paycheck discount in your premium payment in 2022 after you complete the 2021 Thrive requirements outlined below. If your spouse is covered on your plan, when both of you complete the requirements, you’ll get the reduced annual deductible and a larger premium discount in your paycheck.

Here’s what you and your covered spouse must complete:

  • MyHealth Questionnaire
  • Biometric Screening
  • Annual Physical Exam with Primary Care Physician (Remember, preventive care visits are covered 100% through your UPMC health insurance.)

Employees also must earn 250 Wellness Points

You can do this by completing any combination of the following wellness activities. Track your progress on the “Better Health and Wellness” portal through UPMC Health Plan site at

5 Points

  • Online Coaching Activities (5 points each, max. 10 points)

10 Points

  • Coaching Session and Health Risk Review (10 points per call, max. 100 points)
  • Follow-up Calls for Lifestyle Health Coaching Programs (10 points each, max. 30 points)

15 Points

  • Activity Tracker – Record exercise or steps taken on the portal 6 days per month or sync your activity tracker. (15 points each month, max. 105 points)

25 Points

  • Attend or view online “Lunch and Learn” sessions (25 points each, max. 75 points) Download the schedule and add the sessions to your calendar.
  • Achieve 5% decrease over last year in, or have optimal, total cholesterol, LDL, glucose, or BMI Screening (through Quest Patient Service Center or Onsite Screening)
  • Maintain optimal blood pressure (Screening must be through Quest Patient Service Center or Onsite Screening)
  • Get your Flu shot
  • A1C Screening
  • Diabetic Retina Exam
  • Breast Cancer Screening*
  • Cervical Cancer Screening*
  • Colorectal Cancer Screening*
  • EAP/LifeSolutions call (or virtual) for work-life services or clinical counseling case (25 points each, max. 50 points)
  • Other campaigns through UPMC Health Plan

* Per UPMC Health Plan’s preventive schedule.

50 Points

  • Participate in the UPMC Weight Race.
  • Participate in the UPMC Activity Challenge.

100 Points

  • Condition Management & Lifestyle Health Coaching Programs. There are many to choose from on the MyHealth portal or through the RxWell app from UPMC Health Plan.
  • Enroll in Weight Watchers Virtual or In-person Workshop Program. (Earn 100 points for completing 12 weeks – must manually submit attendance verification form from your instructor to

Get Started Today

  • Learn more about how you can complete the requirements on the “Better Health and Wellness” portal through the UPMC Health Plan website at The site can be also accessed by clicking on the Thrive icon on any Vincentian computer desktop or in the Learning Center.
    Log in if you already have an account. If you do not have an account, follow the instructions to create a username and password. You will need your UPMC member ID#.
  • Download the UPMC app to track your points, complete the health questionnaire, register for programs, access your health plan and more via your smart phone.
  • Download the RxWell app on your smart phone for additional help in your journey to better health.

Contact UPMC Member Services at 1-888-876-2756 for assistance or questions about the website or apps. For questions about the Thrive program, contact your HR Generalist or your facility’s wellness champion.