Good News! In accordance with revised PA DOH guidance, Vincentian will continue routine COVID-19 testing of staff; going forward, only UNVACCINATED employees will be tested. Fully vaccinated employees will no longer be routinely tested.

Employees not vaccinated through Vincentian must present proof of vaccination to their DON or ADON. All employees will be tested in the case of any outbreak or if they experience symptoms of COVID-19, regardless of vaccination status. If you want to get the vaccine for free, visit . Contact your administrator or DON with any questions. Thank you.

Vaccine Status – Where We Stand

Thank you to all employees who have chosen to receive the COVID-19 vaccine through Vincentian. To date, 85.5% of personnel systemwide have received the vaccine. Anyone who hasn’t yet received the vaccine can visit for information on how to get a free vaccine.

Did you Know?

  • How the Vaccine is Protecting our Residents and Staff
    Since January 22, 2021, zero Vincentian residents have tested positive for COVID-19. Less than 15 employees have tested positive in that timeframe; of those, only one had been vaccinated.
  • Our Vincentian Home COVID-19 Has Served the Community
    The COVID-19 Isolation Unit at Vincentian Home paused operations in late April as the number of individuals with COVID-19 needing skilled nursing has decreased dramatically. In the year the unit was in operation, it served 219 COVID-positive individuals.
  • Vaccines are Free – And Easy to Get
    If you have not yet gotten the COVID-19 vaccine, it’s free and easy to do so! Just visit to view the Allegheny County Health Department website with complete information on vaccine availability in your neighborhood. Vincentian urges everyone who is able to receive the vaccine to do so and help protect themselves, their loved ones, our residents and the community.

Thank you again to all Vincentian caregivers for your dedication and commitment to excellence.