This week, the Vincentian Learning and Engagement Institute (VLEI) debuted Vincentian ONE, a two-day onboarding program to welcome new employees to the organization. Called ONE for “Onboarding New Employees,” the program is designed to help new employees acclimate to the social and performance aspects of their jobs before they step into their new roles at Vincentian.

Vincentian Coordinator of Program Development and Person-Centered Design Michelle Bulger welcomes caregivers during the first day of the organization’s new employee onboarding program, Vincentian ONE.

The first class included five new employees who will be joining sites across our system this week.

During the program, the new employees have an opportunity to meet colleagues from various parts of the organization and learn about Vincentian’s history, mission, and values; important procedures, including HIPAA, Compliance and Safety; benefits and other resources available. They also participate in experiential exercises that address empathy, communication, generational differences, and other topics.

“The goal of Vincentian ONE is to help new employees make a smoother transition to the organization. We want them to understand and connect with our mission, culture, and standards of excellence so they have a greater sense of purpose when they start working here,” said Katie Talerico, Director of Learning Experience and Engagement.

From now on, every new employee will participate in the Vincentian ONE program before starting their new role. The current program is offered Mondays and Tuesday every other week. The next session is June 14 and 15.