As Vincentian employees, we each have the responsibility to ensure we do the right thing, every day, in every aspect of our business and in providing care to those we serve.

Vincentian’s new Code of Ethical Conduct provides a roadmap that can help you make the right decisions. It addresses quality of care, resident abuse, false claims, whistle blower, gifts and gratuities, kickbacks, fraud, HIPAA privacy, and other laws and regulations.

The Code of Conduct can be found in the Resource Center on any Vincentian desktop in the “Compliance Corner” folder.

If something doesn’t feel right, report it.

Employees are encouraged to report compliance matters directly to your supervisor, manager, director or administrator.

Concerns can also be reported to Donna Schaub, our Compliance and Privacy Officer, at 412-548-4027 (office), 412-627-2052 (cell), or

You may also report compliance concerns to the Compliance Hotline at 1-866-435-2201 or