Over the next few weeks, Vincentian will install thermal temperature scanning stations at Vincentian de Marillac, Vincentian Schenley Gardens, Vincentian Marian Manor, Vincentian Home and Vincentian Home Personal Care. All employees and visitors must be scanned to check for fever and COVID-related symptoms when they enter the buildings. These stations will replace any current manual or hand-held scanning procedures that may be in place.

Using the Scanners

Signs and instructions for using the scanners will be posted at the entrances.

Employees will scan your badge and follow the prompts that ask a few screening questions before notifying you if you have a fever. If the scanner indicates that you do have a fever, do not enter the building, and contact the supervisor. The prompt on the screen will display the house supervisor’s phone number for you to call.

Visitors/non-employees will need to follow instructions to activate the scanners and follow the prompts. If they do not have a temperature a printer will print a sticker badge to indicate they have passed the temperature screening. A badge will not be printed if they do not pass.

Once the scanners are installed at your facility, employees must ensure that all visitors are wearing a badge. If you see a non-Vincentian employee without a badge, direct them to an entrance for screening.

Scanners Locations and Planned Installation Date/Go Live

Vincentian de Marillac – August 23/25

  • New Main Entrance

Schenley Gardens – August 30/September 1

  • Lobby next to reception desk

Marian Manor – September 7/9

  • Building B Entrance
  • Building C Entrance Between Doors
  • Personal Care Entrance

Vincentian Home – September 13/15

  • Main Lobby
  • Building 3 Entrance
  • Outpatient Rehab – Employee-only Entrance
  • Building 1 Basement at Elevator Lobby – Employee-only Entrance (will be installed only if the Wi-Fi is connected)