Thank you to the 137 Vincentian employees who submitted honest feedback and suggestions in our second annual Vincentian Together Survey, which ran from November 3 to December 6, 2021. The thoughtful perspective provided from employees across the organization, representing all locations, service lines and management levels, has been reviewed by Vincentian’s executive leadership team. 

A summary of the 2021 results can be viewed here

Vincentian is committed to excellence.  This dedication to continuous improvement, questioning the status quo and forging new pathways to exceed expectations extends to our employees’ experience. Our workforce defines who we are as an organization; the care provided to our community members is what makes us uniquely Vincentian. While the annual survey isn’t the only method used to evaluate employees’ experience, it is an important snapshot that compels purposeful action.

Responding to heartfelt feedback is a responsibility that is not taken lightly. Suggestions are already being incorporated into organization-wide strategies, and initiatives are being designed to address areas of opportunity identified by YOU, the caregivers of Vincentian.

In addition to using feedback to drive improvement initiatives, it is also important to acknowledge Vincentian’s strengths and some of the many positive comments that were shared. Many survey respondents noted that working at Vincentian is far more than a paycheck, it is about performing work that is personally meaningful and ultimately serves others. Inclusivity and welcoming anyone in our community to our organization was also an area of notable strength. 

Check out just a couple of the highlights below:

“I walk away everyday feeling like I offered assistance to someone in need and made a positive impact. There is nothing more rewarding.”

– Current Vincentian Staff Member

ZERO respondents strongly disagreed with the statement:

“Vincentian welcomes employees of all different backgrounds, characteristics and beliefs.”

  • It is the only question with 0% of “strongly disagree” responses on entire 2021 survey.
  • In 2020, 3% of responses submitted “strongly disagree” to the same question.

A 2021 Survey Response to “What is on your mind right now that you would like to share?”

“After visiting a nursing home in the area, I am grateful to be at Vincentian Home. That visit made me think of how fortunate our residents, families and employees are to be in a CLEAN facility with kind and caring staff. I am truly grateful.”

– Current Vincentian Staff Member

To Vincentian caregivers, and that is all employees regardless of where you work and what you do: Thank you for your desire and commitment to co-creating an exemplary workplace. Please contact your People Operations and Engagement Specialist to get involved today with initiatives at your campus.

Join us as we continue to build a better Vincentian…Together.