This Sunday is a day to remember mothers and mother figures and their role in the family. Mother’s Day was officially recognized in the United States by President Woodrow Wilson in 1908. The second Sunday in May has become a popular day to honor such an important relationship.

Mother’s Day is a special day:

  • Each year we pause to think about our mothers and those who have shaped our lives.
  • We give thanks to God and share memories as we think about our mothers who have gone before us.
  • We give thanks to God and reach out in love to our mothers who are in our lives today.
  • We give thanks to God and celebrate those, who like mothers, have shaped us.
  • We give thanks to God and celebrate those who are mothers, or like mothers, to the ones we love.

And so we pray:
Heavenly Father, we thank you for mothers. Thank you for those who gave birth to us and raised us.  Thank you for their sacrifice, patience, and love. Thank you for ways our mothers helped us to see something of your love through their lives.

We pray for mothers today, that you would bless them with all they need to fulfill the calling you have given them. Give them wisdom, strength, and vision. Fill them with you love and goodness.  We pray especially for those who are struggling to be faithful mothers, that you will give them an extra measure of your grace today.

We also pray for those for whom this is a difficult day: for children who have lost their mothers, for mothers who have lost children, for mothers and children who are estranged from each other, for those who would like to be mothers but are not, for those whose memories of their mothers are painful, and for so many others. May those who hurt today know that you are with them in their pain. Heal their hearts and give them hope, Lord.  Wrap them up in your arms of love.

All praise to you, O God, for the blessings you pour out upon all mothers. Amen.