Don’t get stuck riding the bench! It’s time to get in the game and make your health a priority by joining Home Run for Health!

This nine-week physical activity challenge is designed to help you move more during the day and improve your overall well-being! Each week, you will score “home runs” by logging 10,000 or more steps. You’ll also work to build your health and wellness knowledge and improve your habits around exercise.

Employees who complete the challenge will earn 15 wellness credits.

Registration: May 2-30, 2022
Challenge: May 23 – July 22, 2022

How the Challenge Works
The challenge runs for nine weeks (or, nine innings). You will be able to access the Home Run for Health website through your MyHealth Online account starting on May 23.

Once there, you can manually log your activity, connect your wearable activity tracker, set a weekly goal, see how many home runs you have scored, check your progress towards your next home run, and get helpful tips on how to become more physically active.

Earn “home runs” by being active. For example, if you set a weekly goal of 10,000 steps, you do not need to reach that many steps in a single day. You hit a home run when you reach 10,000 steps within a single week (or inning). So, if you walk 7,000 steps on Monday, as soon as you take your 3,000th step on Tuesday, you cross the plate for a home run! For every 10,000 steps you take during each week, you earn a home run.

Do more than just meeting your goal. Aim to rack up as many home runs as you can each week. The tracker resets every Sunday evening throughout the duration of the challenge, and you will begin working again toward your 10,000 step goal for the week on Monday.

How to Complete Home Run for Health
To earn the “completed” status, you must track your steps at least three times each week or 27 days total throughout the campaign.

All Activities Count
If you walk, run, swim, lift weights, ride a bike, or enjoy another form of exercise, enter your workouts on the My Activity Tracker and they will be converted to an equivalent number of steps. When you sync your activity tracker (Fitbit, Apple Watch, etc.) your steps will be recorded automatically.