With personalities ranging from effervescent to super outgoing and fun and with professional traits including making people feel special and not hesitating to pull up her sleeves and work on the floor, Vincentian’s newest Everyday Heroes represent the best of us. Let’s meet them!

Jerry Baynes

Lead Med Tech

Vincentian Schenley Gardens

“Jerry is not only kind, but also respectful and extremely patient. He surely has challenging and hard days, but he certainly does not ever let that show. He always puts residents first, and from my perspective, treats them as if they were a member of his own family. Every morning when he is taking people down to the dining room, he says hello to every single person he sees, by name. Jerry makes people feel special.” – Nominated by Susan McGinty, a friend of a Vincentian Schenley Gardens resident.

Lashon Gault

CNA and Scheduler

Vincentian de Marillac

“Lashon displays Vincentian’s mission in her everyday work. As a scheduler, she takes her position very seriously and cares for the well-being of residents and fellow staff members. She is always willing to help on the floor, even when busy making sure that the building is staffed. When there are call-offs, she doesn’t hesitate to pull up her sleeves and work on the floor to assist her coworkers and provides excellent care for the residents in the process. She goes above and beyond her job description.” -Nominated by Josy Dusabe, Director of Clinical Excellence, and Debbie Mallick, Assistant Director of Nursing at Vincentian de Marillac

Lois Oklota


Vincentian Home

“Lois embodies the true spirit of an everyday hero. She is the “first face” or contact that you would encounter when you walk in the entrance to Vincentian Home. Her effervescent personality is tailor-made for her “be all things, to all people” position. She always responds cheerfully and attentively to the many varied individuals that she encounters daily while fielding innumerable general inquiries, answering phone calls and welcoming a plethora of visitors. She is always kind, considerate, compassionate, friendly and helpful. Lois is a team player.” – Nominated by Patty Maczura, Family Member of Vincentian Home Resident

Anna Rowkosky

Life Enrichment Aide

Vincentian Marian Manor

“Anna has been with Vincentian for over 25 years and her desire to create an exceptional experience for residents is a joy to watch. Among many other programs, Anna has reconnected residents to their past and family history through weekly activities using Ancestry.com. She is also a staunch advocate for our veterans, creating experiences for Veterans Day and Memorial Day. Anna also manages all aspects of resident voting to ensure that every resident can exercise their right to vote. Residents love Anna’s super outgoing and fun personality and fun programs, and families appreciate the extra effort she makes to bring a smile to their loved ones faces.” – Nominated by Aimi Long, Life Enrichment Director/Volunteer Coordinator