No, Terrace Place’s bricks aren’t made out of plastic bottles. But thanks to an innovative recycling program there, future furniture, gardens, structures and more will be!

What are Ecobricks?

Ecobricks are plastic bottles or other plastic containers filled with plastic. Ecobricks are a simple, low-tech, non-capital, plastic transition technology that follows the Earth’s example of carbon care. Ecobricks build furniture, gardens, play parks, structures, and more. The only limit is one’s imagination!

Why are Residents and Staff at Terrace Place Making Them?

When plastic does go to “waste’, it contaminates the ecosystems that sustain us and our fellow species. Ecobricking itself is an onramp to regenerative living. It enables anyone, anywhere, to put the potentially problematic properties of plastic to good use. Even better than that, it increases awareness that puts us on a road towards to consuming and using plastic wisely. In fact, ecobricking points us towards transcending plastic all together and getting back to ways of living that are in deep harmony with the cycles of life.

How are Ecobricks Made?

First, choose a water bottle. For those just starting their ecobrick journey, it may be best to stick to something smaller like 16 or 20 ounces. Then, save and clean the plastic (can be bags, packaging, or straws). Next, spend some time cutting the plastic into small pieces and then place them into a bottle. As the plastic begins to reach the top, be sure to poke it down with some type of a stick. It’s important to densely pack it as air pockets are fire hazards.

What Happens to the Ecobricks After They Leave Terrace Place?

Independent Living Enrichment Coordinator Kenna Embree will send the ecobricks to a company called the House Factory which is an affordable, innovate, sustainable organization working to build homes as well as better communities. This organization is located in Newbury, Massachusetts. There are many other organizations that accept ecobricks. For more information, visit