Great news! The Thrive program year has been extended through the end of the year- you have until 12/31/2022 to participate in a variety of health and wellness activities. 

All employees can earn monetary incentives for completing health and wellness activities. You do not need to be a member of Vincentian’s insurance plan to take advantage of the benefits.

  • Individual employees – whether a member of Vincentian’s insurance plan or not – can earn up to $325, and employees with a spouse on Vincentian insurance can earn up to $400.
  • Employees receive the full monetary incentive in a separate check as the activities are completed throughout the year.

Complete preventative screenings, dental and eye exams, and more to get rewarded for prioritizing your well-being. Visit Vincentian Thrive for Wellness | Achieve. Earn. Thrive. ( for additional information.

Please note that the extension of the Thrive program year will NOT affect the timing of the Open Enrollment Benefits program.


The employee receives $100 for completing all 3 of the following activities: 

  • Physical Exam 
  • Biometric Screening 
  • MyHealth Questionnaire – completion/update 

If your spouse is also covered under Vincentian’s health insurance, you’ll receive an additional $75 when they complete these activities. 

The activities can be completed in any order. Once you complete all 3, you’ll unlock the opportunity to earn the other monetary incentives for Health Improvement, Health Prevention and Health Education. 


(complete 3 to earn incentive) 

The employee will earn $100: 

When the results of your biometric health screening are either in the optimal range or show a 5% decrease over last year for 3 of the following: 

Blood pressure  •  Total cholesterol  •  LDL •  Glucose  •  BMI 

— OR —

 You participate in up to 3 sessions with a Health Coach 

Example 1: An employee is unable to achieve optimal or a 5% decrease in 3 of the 5 health screening areas measured. Instead, they may participate in 3 health coaching sessions to earn the incentive. 

Example 2: An employee achieves optimal or a 5% decrease in total glucose but none of the other screenings, they can participate in 2 health coaching sessions to earn the incentive. 

Biometric Health screenings must be through Quest Patient Service Center, Quest Home Kit or during Vincentian onsite screenings.


(complete 2 to earn incentive)  

The employee will earn $75 when you complete 2 of the following health preventative activities: 

  • Select or update your primary care provider on the UPMC Health Plan portal 
  • Mammogram* 
  • Colorectal Screening* 
  • Cervical Cancer Screening* 
  • Diabetes Retinal eye exam 
  • A1C Screening (Diabetes) 
  • Dental Exam* 
  • Eye Exam* 

* Per insurance provider preventative schedule 


(achieve 50 points to earn the incentive) 

The employee will receive $50 when you earn 50 points by completing any combination of the following activities: 

15 Points 

  • Personal Health Review – via self-guided, program or Rx for Wellness referral 
  • Self-Guided Lifestyle Improvement Program via MyHealth Online 
  • Digital (chronic conditions) or MyHealth (lifestyle) Assistant Online Activities – (15 points each) 
  • RxWell Coaching Programs via the Mobile App 
  • Follow-up Calls for Coaching Programs (5 points each, max. 15 points) 
  • Weight Race Challenge 
  • Home Run for Health Challenge 

10 Points 

  • LifeSolutions Experience (EAP) case (10 points each, max. 20 points) 
  • Lunch and Learn (10 points each, max. 30 points) 
  • Flu Vaccine 
  • COVID-19 Vaccine 
  • COVID-19 Booster 

5 Points 

  • Coaching Session via MyHealth Online about lifestyle and condition management topics (5 points per call, max. 25 points)