Meet Ismelda Alban, Amber Ali, and Maureen Vojtash: Vincentian’s Newest Everyday Heroes! These three caregivers were nominated by their peers and those we serve as going above and beyond. Let’s learn more:

Ismelda Alban

Certified Nurse Aide

Vincentian Home

Ismelda went out of her way to use her bilingual skills to communicate with a resident who doesn’t speak English. Ismelda was born in the same country as the resident and made sure to make them feel as comfortable, informed and understood as possible. She demonstrated numerous Vincentian values in the process, including dignity, compassion and advocacy, recognizing that the clinical work we do, while essential, is only part of what makes us excellent caregivers.

Amber Ali

Med Tech

Vincentian Home Personal Care (Memory Lane)

Amber went above and beyond to prevent the spread of COVID-19. She had just returned to work from having COVID herself and agreed to work extensively at Memory Lane, demonstrating exemplary infection prevention and control practices. She cleaned constantly and kept the residents as socially distanced as possible in an area where that is very difficult. Amber said “no one else is getting sick on my watch” and, because of her efforts, no other residents became ill.

Maureen Vojtash

Med Tech

Vincentian Schenley Gardens

Maureen treats those she serves like family. When multiple new residents recently moved into Vincentian Schenley Gardens, she made sure to help them feel as comfortable as possible. As one resident says, “Maureen is someone special. She was great to me and made me feel very comfortable coming into a new facility. I wish everyone could be like her. And the care she gives me is like no other.”

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