Katie Talerico, Vincentian’s new Director of Compliance and Privacy, wants to make sure employees know where to turn for questions about compliance and privacy. She will also be present for questions or concerns about misconduct, including fraud, waste, or abuse.

Starting in January of 2023, Katie will spend one day each week at each Vincentian campus. Here’s her schedule:

Vincentian Marian Manor – C-Building Unconventional Bistro

Vincentian Home Personal Care Library – Morning
Vincentian Home Board Room – Afternoon

Vincentian Schenley Gardens Reception Area – Morning
Vincentian de Marillac Employee Break Room – Afternoon

All dates and times are subject to change, but Katie promises to keep as close to the schedule as possible. Remember, you don’t need to wait to see Katie during her campus visits. You can always call or text her at 412-926-6146 (cell), email her at ktalerico@vcs.org, or email compliancereport@vcs.org.

You may also report compliance concerns to the Compliance Hotline at 1-866-435-2201 or mycompliancereport.com.

Katie replaces Donna Schaub, who has retired after many years of service to Vincentian. Donna was recently surprised by a small gathering of her family and colleagues in her honor earlier this month.