Thrive for Wellness

Vincentian’s newly reimagined Thrive for Wellness brings you a variety of health and wellness activities to earn points that translate to actual dollars! We’re excited to partner with Motion Connected to bring you this innovative offering.

The Thrive program begins February 1, 2023. All activities must be completed by December 31, 2023.

There are a few important steps to complete before you can start to earn points in the program.

Step 1: Create Your Account

  1. Go to on your smart phone or computer.
  2. Click or tap on “Create Account.”
  3. Use the activation code for your site location to create a Motion Connected account:


Download the app!


Vincentian Child Discovery Center
McCandless and Greentree
Vincentian Collaborative System
(Independent Living)
Vincentian de Marillac
Vincentian Home
Vincentian Marian Manor
Vincentian Schenley Gardens

Activation Code


Step 2: Track Your Activity

Motion Connected is directly compatible with Fitbit and Garmin devices. You can also link compatible devices such as Apple Watch, Polar fitness trackers, Mi Bands, or use your phone as an activity tracker, by connecting the Apple Health app on iPhones or the Google Fit app on Android phones.

Step 3: Explore!

Go to the Scorecard page to view all the available activities to earn points

Click here to view the Thrive Wellness Guide for 2023.