Want to access your wages early? Starting Sunday, March 5, Vincentian is switching to ZayZoon, our new early pay partner. ZayZoon replaces an app called Rain, which is discontinuing effective March 2.

What is ZayZoon?
ZayZoon is a voluntary employee benefits service that allows you to access your earned wages before your payday. Vincentian has partnered with ZayZoon to bring you Wages On-Demand directly through your payroll.

Who Can Use ZayZoon?
Anyone who is currently employed by Vincentian has access to ZayZoon. Please note that you must be 18 or older to access ZayZoon.

How Does it Work?
ZayZoon receives your earnings data from Vincentian and ADP. They use this data to calculate the amount of earned wages you can access. These wages are spread across your pay period and you can access a portion of these earnings. Your Wages Available will increase every day. Once you have over $20, you can request a payout an instant. On your payday, you are paid normally, minus the wages you accessed early and the $5 payout fee per transaction. If you choose to receive your early pay via a gift card, the $5 fee is waived.

How Do I Get Paid? 

  1. Existing Debit Card: Link your existing debit card to ZayZoon and have funds sent instantly to your bank account.
  2. ZayZoon Visa Prepaid Card: Free to enroll, no credit check required.
  3. Instant Gift Card: Get up to a 20% bonus at retailers where you’re already shopping, like Walmart, Target and Amazon. Also, All ZayZoon customers get 5% extra on gas!

How Do I Sign up?
You will be receiving an automated email from ZayZoon with a personalized sign up link. Click the link to start your sign up process. You can sign up on desktop and mobile. We encourage you to download the ZayZoon app for a more seamless experience. ZayZoon has a support team to help you along the way if you have any questions.