What is love and how have we expressed it in our lives?  Let us examine ourselves in light of the St. Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians 13.  This examination is good anytime, not just during Lent.

“We already know where the voracious greed for power, the imposition of one’s ideas as absolute, and the rejection of those who think differently will take us: to a numbness of conscience and to abandonment.  Only the commitment of love in all its simplicity—steady, humble, unassuming but firm in conviction and in commitment to others—can save us.” 

– Pope Francis

An Examination of Conscience

(Based on 1 Corinthians 13)

Love is Patient and Kind

  • Have I been patient with residents, staff, and family members?
  • Have I been patient with my own family members?
  • Have I been patient with myself? Have I trusted God to take care of me?
  • Have I reflected Christ by kindness to  all I meet?
  • Am I kind to residents who may be  suffering? Do I greet them with kind words and encouragement?

Love is Never Jealous

  • Do I thank God each day for my  blessings?
  • Have I been jealous of the good fortune of others?
  • Do I complain or fall into self-pity?
  • Do I doubt God’s goodness and His love for me?

Love is Not Boastful or Conceited

  • Do I recognize that everything I have is a gift from God?
  • Do I judge others harshly or think myself better than others?
  • Do I realize my need for God, and do I pray each day for His guidance and protection?

Love is Never Rude

  • Have I been harsh in the way I have spoken to anyone?
  • Have I gossiped or talked about others behind their backs?
  • Have I been ungrateful to or short-tempered with others?
  • Have I used God’s name in vain?


Love Does Not Store Up Grievances

  • Have I forgiven everyone who has ever hurt me?
  • Do I hold a grudge against anyone?
  • Have I accepted God’s forgiveness for my own sins, and do I forgive myself when God has forgiven me?

Love Does Not Rejoice in Wrongdoing

  • Have I ever advised anyone to do something that I know is against God’s laws?
  • Have I spoken up when I believe that a family member may be in spiritual danger due to their choices?
  • Do I participate in conversations that belittle or make fun of others?
  • Have I purposefully watched television or Internet programs that are displeasing to God?  Do I always seek to be pure in heart?

 Love Rejoices in the Truth

  • Have I spent time in prayer each day to seek God and His truth?
  • Have I attended church services when I am able?
  • Have I been dishonest to others in any way?

 Love is Always Ready to Trust, Hope and Endure

  • Do I trust in God and His goodness and love for me?
  • Have I doubted my faith?
  • Do I hope in God’s mercy, or do I believe that God could never forgive me?
  • Do I patiently endure sickness and suffering, or do I become angry at God for my crosses?