Regular physical activity is one of the most important things you can do for your health.

Last month’s Thrive challenge was “Move More,” where you were challenged to walk at least 6,000 steps a day. Even though the challenge is over, still aim to meet your step goal! Moving more has many great benefits including a better mood, better sleep, more energy, and a healthier heart.

Next month, it’s all about Sunshine! Sunshine really can be the best medicine, and so can staying active! Make time between June 5 and June 19 to get outside and take advantage of the longer, warmer days. Get all the sunshine, fresh air, and exercise you can! Sign up with Motion Connected and track your progress. Your goal is to get a total of 300 active minutes by the end of the challenge.

Remember, being physically active can improve your brain health, help manage weight, reduce the risk of disease, strengthen bones and muscles, and improve your ability to do everyday activities.