Beginning in November 2023, all Vincentian employees who have a dependent child or spouse covered under their Vincentian-provided insurance products will be required to provide proof of eligibility. This requirement will also apply to new hires and during each open enrollment period. This change is being made to ensure a fair and equitable insurance product for all employees, and for the organization.

Here’s what you need to know:

What do I need to do?
Employees with a dependent spouse or child will receive a separate communication via Vincentian’s text messaging system, and via email from their People Operations and Engagement Specialist. You will be required to provide proof of eligibility by October 16, 2023. Proof of eligibility includes:

  1. Spouse:  
    • A copy of a certified marriage certificate.
    • Your most recently completed tax return, form 1040, showing a tax status of married filing jointly or married filing seperately. NOTE: Please redact all social security and income information from this form.
  2. Children under the age of 26, including:
    • Natural child:  A copy of the certified birth certificate issued from the Department of Vital Statistics.
    • Stepchild:  A copy of the certified birth certificate issued from the Department of Vital Statistics and a copy of the certified marriage certificate.
    • Adopted Child:  A copy of the court order specifying legal custody or copy of the certification of adoption.
    • Child up to the age of 26 for whom you are legal guardian:  Copy of the court order specifying legal custody.
    • Mentally or physically disabled adult dependent children: Proof of total disability and dependency. People Operations will work with employees on an individual basis for these cases.
    • Please note: If your child’s dependency status changes, it is your responsibility to notify Vincentian within 30 days. Vincentian has a responsibility to ensure that only eligible expenses are paid from our insurance products.

How do I provide proof of eligibility to People Operations & Engagement?

You may provide a clear photograph or photocopy to your People Operations & Engagement Specialist either electronically via email, or in person. You may also bring your original files to your specialist, and they will make a photocopy for Vincentian’s files. NOTE: ALL PROOF OF ELIGIBILITY DOCUMENTS ARE DUE BY OCTOBER 16, 2023.

I have misplaced my marriage certificate or birth certificate.  How do I obtain a certified copy?
Marriage certificates may be obtained from the county courthouse that issued the original certificate. Birth certificates may be obtained from the Vital Records Office in the state in which you were born. Pennsylvania Health Statistics and Vital Records are available from the Pennsylvania Department of Health.

What if I have more questions?

Please do not hesitate to reach out directly to your People Operations and Engagement Specialist should you have any questions. Their contact information is below:

Vincentian Home: Allison Swoager
Cell: 412-525-8134. |  Email:

Vincentian Marian Manor and VCDC Greentree: Brittney Hall
Cell: 412-354-7019  | Email:

Vincentian Schenley Gardens: Ariel McCollums
Cell: 412-400-3366  |  Email:

Unconventional Kitchen, VCDC McCandless, IL, and Support Services: Elizabeth Grant
Cell: 412-297-3247  |  Email: