The Holiday gift giving season is here. This is a gentle reminder of Vincentian’s Policy for Gifts and Gratuities.  The Gifts and Gratuities Policy is in effect all year round.

Employees are never permitted to accept any cash or tip of any amount from a resident, resident family member, vendor, supplier, or anyone that Vincentian conducts business with.  You may accept one non-cash gift valued at $50 or less. However, you may not solicit gifts from anyone. Many people care for our residents and children, including staff behind the scenes like culinary staff, activities, and housekeeping. Caring for people is a team activity. When a family or vendor sends in a cookie tray, doughnuts, or other food to your unit, please enjoy the gift with the entire team. 

Vincentian wishes everyone a joyful holiday season filled with warmth, laughter, and the spirit of generosity. Happy holidays!