Be aware that McKnight Road from Perrymont Road to Venture Street will be under construction beginning Monday, February 12. This work will be on-going until spring, 2025.

Crews will be working weeknights from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m.  Motorists can expect around-the-clock single-lane restrictions throughout the areas of McKnight Road which have three lanes of traffic.  Left turning lanes along the roadway will remain accessible unless otherwise noted.  Additional details will be provided as work continues.

Work will include the following: bridge and culvert preservation, milling and paving, base repairs, drainage upgrades and repairs, pipe cleaning, guide rail, signal and ADA ramp upgrades, waterline replacement, concrete mountable curb replacement and new signage and pavement makings.  Before work concludes in the spring, 2025, restrictions will also include a 12-day closure of the Nelson Run Road interchange, two weekend closures at the Venture Street intersection, two crossovers at the Babcock Boulevard/Evergreen Road interchange, and several overnight ramp closures for paving operations and structure repairs.