A reflection from Vincentian President & CEO Dean Owrey regarding our centennial year.

The idea to create a Home for the Incurables was conceived long before any of us would first encounter Vincentian. From the earliest years of the 20th century, the Sisters have risen time and again to boldly meet unmet needs in the community, doing so humbly and in service to God and their fellow human beings.

We gathered at the Vincentian Home chapel on May 4, 2024 with Bishop Zubik and invited guests to commemorate that day, 100 years ago to the day, that Vincentian Home was first dedicated. The commemorative centennial mass included the dedication of the Vincentian Centennial Garden, which will be adorned with dogwood trees surrounded by dozens of decorative stones painted by people of all ages who are a part of the Vincentian family.

The community that has emerged since May 4, 1924, has been built with the blood, sweat, tears, hearts, hands, and minds of the Sisters who came before us and the lay helpers who assisted them. From the beginning, the Sisters have always relied on the generosity of the community to sustain this mission, as we do today.

As Vincentian caregivers, you may sometimes be asked, “Why Vincentian? Why does it matter?” You can say with confidence that Vincentian is exceptional at caring for people – that compassion, the most vivid expression of the human experience, is alive and well here at Vincentian. Vincentian caregivers take pride in meeting the needs of our neighbors across the entire lifespan, forging intergenerational connections along the way. How many thousands of lives have been touched by Vincentian, and how many thousands more, God willing, will be in the future? The ripple effect from work that began on this small parcel of land in McCandless is truly incalculable.

Today we stand collectively at an important crossroads in our organization’s history, honoring our heritage while building a framework to leave a legacy to future generations, just as the Sisters have done for the last century. We are committed to another century of providing compassionate care that preserves human dignity. And, with your ongoing support and care, we will.